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The authors

Perfectdigitalphotography.com is a companion site for the new book, Perfect Digital Photography, by Pulitzer
Prize-winning National Geographic photographer Jay Dickman and Adobe Photoshop Certified Expert Jay Kinghorn.

Use this Web site to:
- Purchase Perfect Digital Photography.
- Get book extras and tutorials on the art of photography, choosing a monitor  and specific,
  high-level Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom techniques.
- Read articles focused on strengthening your photography skills and photo management processes.
- Learn about new multimedia tools and how to apply them to your photography.

About Perfect Digital Photography, Second Edition

The expert techniques inside this masterful guide help you greatly improve both the quality of your photographs and your proficiency in the digital darkroom. Perfect Digital Photography, Second Edition covers the latest technologies, including digital SLR cameras, Adobe Photoshop CS4, and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, and offers tips for developing an efficient workflow. Stunning color photographs throughout the book show you results you too can achieve!

In the book, you'll learn how to:

- Select cameras, lenses, monitors, printers and other equipment to maximize your digital photography experience
- See photographically, take better travel, landscape and people photos so your photo shoots and expeditions truly reflect
  your vision and experience
- Edit, correct and publish your photos in Adobe Lightroom
- Make brilliant inkjet prints and compelling multimedia presentations of your work
- Streamline your workflow so you spend more time shooting and less time at the computer

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Learn about Authors Jay Dickman and Jay Kinghorn. 

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