How To Add Blink Camera To Sync Module?

How do I add a blink camera to an existing Sync module?

Why is my blink camera not adding to sync module?

If adding your device fails and you receive an error “Remove the batteries for 10 seconds, then reinsert them and try again.” power cycling the camera will enable it, so it can successfully communicate with your sync module.

How do I add a camera to my Blink device?

How many Blink cameras can you add to a sync module?

The Blink app allows you to manage multiple Sync Module systems and their connected Blink devices from a single account. Each Sync Module added to your account allows you to group and manage up to ten cameras in a single system.

Will new Blink camera work with old sync module?

Yes, the Sync Module 2 works as a traditional sync module and works with all generations of Blink cameras from our original Indoor (gen 1), XT, and XT2 – to the new Blink Wired Floodlight, Video Doorbell, Indoor (3rd Gen), Outdoor, and Mini.

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Can I use 2 Blink camera without sync module?

Can I Use Blink Camera Without Sync Module? Yes, you can use the Blink camera without a Sync Module. So no, you do not need one. However, you will be limited to how many security cameras you can connect with it at one time, as well as not being able to view all of them at once in the mobile app.

Does blink camera connect to wifi or sync module?

The Sync Module manages communications between your Blink devices and our secure servers; therefore your camera needs to connect to its local Wi-Fi. The Blink Mini, Video Doorbell, and Wired Floodlight do not require Sync Modules for those communications, which is why they broadcast their own local Wi-Fi connections.

How do I reset my blink camera and sync module?

Step 1: Press and hold the reset button on the side of the Sync Module until the LED blinks red. Step 2: Release the button and wait for the LED to blink green and blue. Step 3: The Sync Module is now in set up mode. Step 4: Delete the Sync Module from your Blink app.

How do I get Blink Sync module online?

Reboot or power cycle the router and wait for internet to return. Verify your Sync Module displays a solid green and solid blue light. If you see any other light pattern, power cycle your Sync Module, unplug the power cord from the back of the unit, wait 10 seconds, and plug it back in.

How far can a blink camera be from the Sync Module?

How far away can camera units be placed? Under normal circumstances, the Sync Module is capable of communicating with Blink cameras up to 100 ft. away in any direction. We recommend keeping the Sync Module near your wireless router for the best signal strength.

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