How To Crop Camera In Obs?

How do I crop my webcam?

What is the shortcut to crop webcam in OBS?

How to Crop Webcam via Alt. Launch your webcam in OBS. Press Alt + Left-Click + Drag on your keyboard. Drag until it has the size you want, and you are done.

How do I crop an angle in OBS?

Add a video source. Right click on the layer you wish to apply a filter to then select ‘Filters’. Select ‘Crop/Pad’ Click the ‘+’ icon located under the ‘Effects Filters’ section. Enter crop values. The values in these fields will vary depending on what you want to crop out. Done!

How do I change my webcam aspect ratio in OBS?

How do I resize an image in OBS?

How do I resize my webcam overlay?

How do I set my camera on OBS?

Select video capture device. Click the + symbol under the ‘Sources’ section. Name the layer. When adding multiple layers it’s important to ensure you label the layer. Select the device. Optional – Adding the webcam’s microphone. Select the webcam under the audio tab. Done!

How do I customize my virtual camera in OBS?

To set up the OBS virtual camera for Discord, go to the Sources box, which you will find at the bottom of your screen. Click the Plus sign within the box. In the list of options select Display Capture or Video Capture Device and choose your webcam. Finally, click Start Virtual Camera.

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Can you cut in OBS?

Click the “Edit a Video” button below to open the OBS video editor. Upload your recorded videos to the OBS video editor. Trim and split your video clips according to your needs.

How do I crop part of a video?