How To Set Up Wyze Outdoor Camera?

How do I set up my WYZE Cam Outdoor?

How do I setup my WYZE camera?

How do I install Wyze v3 outdoor camera?

Position your Wyze Cam Outdoor on the ceiling where you want to mount it. Drill a 3mm hole in that spot, and insert the included Drywall Anchor. Screw the base of the Wyze Cam Outdoor into the Drywall Anchor using the hole labeled “Ceiling Mount”. Attach the top of Wyze Cam Outdoor to the magnetic base.

Can you set up a WYZE cam outdoor without a base station?

Yes, you must have a Wyze Base Station. A Base Station is required to use your Wyze Cam Outdoor, for both set up and connectivity purposes. FYI: Your Wyze Base Station can connect to up to four (4) Wyze Cam Outdoor devices at a time.

Can I set up my WYZE camera without WIFI?

You must have an internet connection to set up the camera and configure it with the Wyze app. And if you have a microSD card inserted and Local recording to microSD card turned on in your settings, the camera will continuously record to that microSD card, even if offline.

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Can I use WYZE cam outdoor without WIFI?

No, it must be connected to the internet. Your Wyze Cam is meant to work with an internet connection. The connection is what allows you to stream, get notifications and change settings via the Wyze app. Exception: However, you can use a Wi-Fi network connection to set up and configure your Wyze Cam in the Wyze app.

Is Wyze easy to install?

The WYZE security camera is affordable, it works exceptionally well, and is very easy to setup and use. When comparing WYZE to other camera systems I have found WYZE to be easier to set up, is more user friendly, costs far less, and really has some nice features you will find from the top of the line models.

Can I connect my Wyze camera to my phone?

Scan the QR code on the Wyze app. Hold your camera up to your phone screen with the QR code displaying. It will say “QR code scanned please wait.” then “Setup completed.”

How do I install the Wyze camera app?

Download the Wyze app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Once downloaded, tap the Wyze icon to open the app. Create a Wyze account, and/or sign in to your Wyze account. Connect your phone/tablet to your 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network.

How do I turn my Wyze outdoor camera online?

Unplug the base station from power, wait 5-10 seconds, then plug it back in. Once the status light is solid blue, the reboot is complete.