How To Use S23 Camera?

How do I use the camera on my Samsung S23?

How do I use expert RAW S23?

Open the Camera app on the Galaxy S23. Switch to the More tab and select Pro mode. Tap the Settings button in the top-left corner of the viewfinder. Head over to Advanced picture options > Pro mode picture format and select RAW format or RAW and JPEG formats.

Why is Samsung Galaxy S23 series camera the best night camera?

Improved image quality in Night Mode Much like with the one on its predecessor, the new 200MP main camera sensor on the S23 Ultra can combine multiple individual pixels into one that is larger, allowing for more light captured per pixel.

Which S23 has the best camera?

The Galaxy S23 Ultra is one of the best camera phones you can buy, with a whopping 200-megapixel main camera, up to 100x zoom and a ton of useful software features for fine-tuning your shots.

Why does S23 have 3 cameras?

Telephoto cameras can better capture far-away objects, subjects and backgrounds. Zooming in can help remove distracting elements from your frame. It’s also the camera you’ll use for portrait mode shots. And of course, you can use Single Shot mode to take photos from all three rear cameras simultaneously.

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How do you use 100x zoom S23 Ultra?

How do you take professional pictures on S23 Ultra?

The Galaxy S23 series is also capable of taking professional photos with the Expert RAW app, which can be downloaded from the Galaxy Store. Navigate to and open the Camera app, then tap MORE, and then tap EXPERT RAW at the top.

Can S23 ultra shoot RAW?

The Galaxy S23 Ultra can take photos in RAW format, and it recommends the Lightroom for Samsung app to edit them.

How do you take a picture on a S23 Ultra?

Is the S23 camera worth it?

Based on my extensive comparisons, I can tell you that the S23 Ultra is definitely one of the best camera phones — even better than the Pixel 7 Pro and neck and neck with the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Even better, the battery life is much improved at over 13 hours.