Where Is My Camera Icon?

Why does my Camera icon disappear?

Sometimes you might have mistakenly moved the camera app into folders, that is why you can’t find the Camera app icon. Under this circumstance, resetting the screen icon layout is of great help.

How do I restore my Camera icon on my Android?

Where is my Camera app on this phone?

On most Android devices, you can open the app drawer to locate the app. Unlock your device. While on the home screen, slide up from the bottom of the screen. Here, browse through your apps until you find the Camera app.

Where is my Camera on my home screen?

Open phone settings. Click on Home screen. Click on Hide apps. If Camera is listed under hidden apps, click the minus sign to unhide it.

How do I add a camera icon?

Learn more. Locate the Camera app in your App Drawer. (Swipe up on your home screen, beginning the swipe an inch or so from the bottom of the screen.) Press and hold the icon, then drag and drop the icon to your home screen.

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How do I get my camera app back?

Scroll down the screen to get the Apps options. Tap on the Apps option, and you will see a list of new options on the other screen. Step 2: Now, tap on the Apps or All Apps options to get the list of all installed or pre-installed apps on your mobile. Here, you will also see the Camera App options.

Why is my camera app not showing Android?

Reboot your device. Closing apps should have been enough to close out any lingering camera access, but if there’s a deeper problem at play, a simple restart of your device should clear out any software conflicts and give you normal access to the camera. Check app permissions.

Why can’t i see my camera app on Android?

What if camera doesn’t appear? You should go onto your apps screen on your android device, where it will display all apps that have been downloaded onto your phone. Also, the camera app comes built into the device, so that means it cannot be accidentally deleted or uninstalled.

Why is my camera app icon not showing on Android?

Under “Settings” > “Apps & notifications” > “App info“. Choose the app that goes missing, and ensure the app is not disabled.

Why I can’t find my camera in my phone?

Go to Settings > Apps. Tap the More settings icon (three-dot icon, upper right). Tap Show system apps. Find and tap the camera app.