Why Is My Blink Camera Not Recording?

Why is my Blink camera detecting motion but not recording?

Go to camera sensor settings. Make sure Motion Detection/Sensitivity is turned ON. Make sure that Motion Video Recording is set to Cloud.

How do I get my Blink camera to record motion?

Go to Device Settings and then tap Motion Settings. The first setting is Motion Detection. The Motion Detection setting allows you to change your camera’s motion detection without having to Arm your system. Tap Motion Detection off and that camera does not detect motion.

Why is my Blink camera not recording to local storage?

The most common reason for local storage failure is the Sync module not detecting and recognizing the USB drive. Again, it could be due to low storage capacity or a corrupt USB. Safely eject the USB, power cycle the sync module, and reconnect the USB. Check the storage status on the Blink app.

Why is my camera not picking up motion?

One of the most common reasons why motion detection and notification may not be working is incorrect camera positioning. If the camera is not positioned correctly, it may not detect motion or send notifications. To fix this issue, try repositioning the camera so that it is facing the area you want to monitor.

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How do I reset my Blink camera?

Step 1: Press and hold the reset button on the side of the Sync Module until the LED blinks red. Step 2: Release the button and wait for the LED to blink green and blue. Step 3: The Sync Module is now in set up mode. Step 4: Delete the Sync Module from your Blink app.

How do I know if my Blink camera is recording?

Always On – Displays a green light on the front of the Mini camera when it is active and ready to use, then shows a blue light while recording.

Can Blink camera stay on Live View?

Blink Subscription Plans enable many premium features including Extended Live View – exclusively for Blink Wired Floodlight and Mini cameras! This feature provides images and sound directly from a camera to the Blink app, up to 90 minutes at a time without user intervention.

What is the range of Blink motion detection?

Blink cameras work within 100 feet of the Blink Sync Module 2, which bridges the cameras to the mobile app and your home Wi-Fi network. The cameras can detect motion up to 20 feet from the camera.

How do I fix my Blink camera delay?

Tap Device Settings next to the camera you would like to adjust and select Motion Settings. In Camera Settings, you can adjust the Retrigger time value from 10 to 60 seconds. To increase the retrigger time, move the slider to the right and to decrease the delay move the slider to the left.

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What is the max storage for Blink camera?

Supports local video storage through the Blink Sync Module 2 on all-new Blink Outdoor, Indoor, and Mini cameras only. With 64 GB of storage view, share, and download thousands of locally stored videos from up to 10 Blink cameras by inserting the USB flash drive to your Blink Sync Module 2.