How To Use Leica S910 With Autocad?

How to use Leica DISTO S910?

How do I use Leica Disto App?

Simply enter your measurements, then swipe and tap to draw exterior and interior draw walls. Or, send measurements from your Bluetooth-enabled DISTO laser measuring device directly to your Android or iOS phone or tablet. Available on Apple and Android.

How do I turn off Leica Disto s910?

If no key is pressed for 180 sec, the device switches off au- tomatically.

How do I connect my Leica Disto to my Iphone?

How accurate is a Leica Disto?

E.g. the Leica DISTO™D3 is having an accuracy of 1mm up to 10m. After this the deviation will increase by 0,025mm/m (so at 30m the accuracy will be 1,5mm). After 30m the deviation will increase by 0,1mm/m (at 100m the measurement deviation might be 8,5mm).

How do you use a Leica laser measure?

To begin, press the key once to switch the laser on and aim at your target. Pressing the. key again and the device shows the measurement result on the display.

Is disto plan app free?

Leica DISTO™ Plan is a free app for Android published in the System Maintenance list of apps, part of System Utilities.

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How does Leica Disto work?

An increase in the speed of the up-and-down arm movement decreases the size of the waves (e.g. to three metres each). The same distance to the house wall is now occupied by various waves. This is exactly how the Leica DISTO ™ works. A laser beam is used to emit various different waves simultaneously.

What is disto plan app?

The new DISTO™ Plan app assists with the vital tasks of documenting and visualising measurements. Fingers can be used to sketch a floorplan on a smartphone or tablet and corresponding measurements are easily assigned to each line of the plan. The app then automatically creates a scaled floorplan.

How far can a disto measure?

Why should I buy a DISTO over a conventional tape measure? Leica DISTOs can measure to distances of up to 200m to an accuracy of ±1mm. They can take measurements in areas where a conventional tape measure simply can’t reach, are incredibly user friendly and are all impressively robust.