How To Use Leica Total Station Ts06?

How do you use TS06?

Steps for using TS06. Set up the instrument (Centering & leveling). Then select F1 for New. Input the station No.(e.g. S1) and then press ENTER (↲) Then enter the instrument height (e.g. 1.42m) and press ENTER (↲) Input the Prism Height in the hr.

How do I use my Leica total station?

Turn on the total station by pressing the on key found on the lower right hand side of the key-pad. First press the Shift key and then press the button with the headlamp icon on it to initialize the Electronic Level tool. The red plummet laser should now become activated and visible on the ground.

How do I import data into Leica total station?

What is Leica TS06?

The Leica Flexline TS06plus Total Station delivers measurements which are extremely precise from a selection of Electronic Distance Measurements (EDM) options. Specifically designed for applications of medium accuracy it comes with easy setup with a laser plummet and guided process at start-up.

How do you find the coordinates of a total station?

1) Once oriented select the OBSERVATION option. 2) Place a prism on the unknown point keeping the staff of the prism as vertically erect as possible. 3) Check the height of Prism/Reflector and enter the value in total station (HR or R.HT) 4) Target the prism and press the MEAS (measure) function key.

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What is total station orientation?

By measuring bearings and distances, local polar coordinates are recorded. The orientation of this local polar coordinate system is defined by the 0° horizontal circle of the total station (polar axis L). The pole of this local polar coordinate system is the vertical axis (pole O) of the total stations.

How do you use total station step by step?

Step 1: Gather the Survey Equipment, Stake, and Tools. Step 2: Establish a New Temporary Benchmark. Step 3: Set-up the Tripod. Step 4: Attach the Tribrach and Coarse Level the Tripod Over the Benchmark. Step 5: Continue to Level and Adjust the Tribrach As Necessary. Step 6: Set the Instrument on the Tripod.

How to use total station?

Turn the total station to zero degrees on the horizontal axis. Position a reflection in the line of sight of the device. Using the EDM functionality, move the reflector until it is the correct distance away from the instrument. This is the point of the coordinates entered into the system.

How do you set out a building using a total station?

A total station would set out using co-ordinates and Electromagnetic Distance Measurement (EDM) whilst the theodolite would find the bearing then the distance would be measured with a tape. It is possible to set out curves using tapes only but this can be inaccurate over distances of more than about 75m.

How do I transfer data from total station to my computer?