How To Use Ts13 Leica Robotic Total Station?

How do you use Leica total station?

Turn on the total station by pressing the on key found on the lower right hand side of the key-pad. First press the Shift key and then press the button with the headlamp icon on it to initialize the Electronic Level tool. The red plummet laser should now become activated and visible on the ground.

What is ATR in total station?

ATR technology is the automatic target recognition of the total station. This technology is crucial for aiming and locking onto a prism. Locking a prism means the instrument is following the prism.

What is Leica Captivate?

Leica Captivate is a industry-revolutionising software for a variety of measurement instruments, including MultiStations and total stations, that creates the most realistic 3D renderings with familiar apps and easy-to-use touch technology.

How do you use a robotic total station?

How to use total station?

Turn the total station to zero degrees on the horizontal axis. Position a reflection in the line of sight of the device. Using the EDM functionality, move the reflector until it is the correct distance away from the instrument. This is the point of the coordinates entered into the system.

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What is the disadvantage of total station?

The main limitation of using a total station is to conduct a topographic survey is the line of sight and range. It cannot measure what the laser cannot reach.

Which direction is best for total station?

The electronic theodolite part of total station is used for measuring vertical and horizontal angle. For measurement of horizontal angles any convenient direction may be taken as reference direction. For vertical angle measurement vertical upward (zenith) direction is taken as reference direction.

Is total station more accurate than GPS?

Total Station based systems provide the highest possible degree of accuracy for site positioning, stakeout, grade checking and measurement. A Total Station-based system has a more limited range than a GNSS-based system and is better suited for projects where accuracy is a key factor.

What are the four types of total stations?

Scanning Total Stations. Robotic Total Stations. Autolock Total Stations. Total Mechanical Stations.

What is the difference between RTK and total station?

Survey with GPS Real Time Kinematic (RTK) has the advantage of being faster and easier than the total station, but on the other hand the accuracy of GPS Real Time Kinematic (RTK) is considered lacking.