What Camera Will Use A Leica R Mount Lense?

Can you use a Leica lens on a Canon?

The Leica M Lens to Canon RF-Mount Body Lens Mount Adapter from NOVOFLEX allows a Leica M lens to be mounted to a Canon RF-Mount mirrorless camera. Although the lens will fit physically, automatic diaphragm (AE metering), or any other functions are not retained using this adapter.

Can you use Leica lenses on NIkon?

However, if you buy this to use a Leica-M lens on a NIkon body, you will NOT be able to focus to infinity. The cameras have different distances between the lens mount and the focal plane. Due to this difference you can only focus out to a very short distance with the Leica-M lens-like a macro lens.

Are Leica R lenses full frame?

The Cinescope rehoused Leica R lenses have full frame coverage 36mm x 24mm, making the vast image circle cover almost all cameras and sensors.

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