What Does Leica Repair Include?

What does Leica warranty cover?

SCOPE OF THE GUARANTEE During the Period of Cover, complaints based on manufacturing faults and material defects will be remedied free of charge by repair, replacement of defective parts or exchange for an equivalent product in perfect condition, at the discretion of LEICA.

How long does Leica service take?

Before sending in your order, please note that the service for our analogue models currently takes up to 6 months.

Do Leica cameras hold their value?

Are used Leica worth it? Unlike buying new, used Leica cameras hold there value really well over time. If we take the Leica M240 for example, the demand is still there 10 years on. People looking for an affordable digital Leica M camera see the M240 as a great entry point.

Does Leica still repair M6?

Leica can still service an M6, and parts are readily available, so people keep them forever.

What warranty does not cover?

Home warranties also typically do not cover things such as: Cosmetic defects, such as scratches or dents to kitchen appliances. Damage from pests. Improper installation, misuse, or neglect.

How much does it cost to replace a Leica sensor?

We’re happy to announce that we can repair the Leica M9 sensor and replace it with corrosion resistant glass starting at $999.

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Do professionals use Leica?

Professionals use whatever works, whatever they have or whatever is free. I’m a professional and I use a Leica in addition to other cameras. It’s the Leica I take on adventures and day-to-day silliness.

Are Leica cameras an investment?

Leica cameras are premium products that represent excellent value for money, which means that when you buy one you’re making an investment.

Which country owns Leica?

The origin of the company dates back to 1849 when a family business for optics was founded in Wetzlar, Germany. Over the last century it has developed into a global success story with a worldwide reputation.

Is Leica better than Fuji?

Fujifilm cameras are much more affordable and excel at autofocus, high speed shooting and video. Leica cameras are built with second-to-none quality and their lenses provide the ultimate in precision and sharpness, although it comes at a higher price.