What Does S And C Mean Leica M9?

What makes the Leica M9 so unique?

Part of what made the Leica M9 so special was the sensor. It was a CCD sensor that delivered images that looked like they were made on chrome film. Further, this was a Kodak sensor (one of their last good ones).

Does Leica still service M9?

The production of the CCD sensors for the Leica M9 models has been discontinued. Therefore, subsequent deliveries are no longer possible and defective sensors cannot be replaced. Until further notice, all other repairs on the M9 model generation can still be carried out.

Is Leica M9 full-frame?

The Leica M9 represents the world’s first full-frame, 35mm digital rangefinder camera. Built around a proprietary 18.0 megapixel CCD image sensor, the M9 delivers superb, high resolution imaging with exceptional color and contrast.

Is Leica M9 weather sealed?

Q: Is the Leica M9 weather sealed? A: No, it is not. So do not get it soaked!

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