Which Lenses Are Summilux Leica R?

What is a Summilux lens?

The name Summilux is used by Leica and Panasonic Lumix to designate camera lenses that have a maximum aperture of less than f/2, typically f/1.4, but greater than f/1.0. The lens has been in production since 1959 and carries on to the present day.

What is the difference between Summicron and Summilux?

LEICA’s f/1.4 SUMMILUX are ultra-speed lenses optimized for low-light photography. They are bigger, heavier and more expensive than the SUMMICRON, with slightly diminished optical performance. The SUMMILUX are also very popular for general use, even though their optical performance laggs slightly behind the SUMMICRON.

What are Leica R lenses?

Leica R lenses are 35mm manual focus lenses that fit on Leica R SLR bodies. Most the lenses can be used on any Leica reflex camera body in a non-metered mode (they physically fit onto the body). There are different designations that denote the lenses cams, or cam-coupling, which is how meter-coupling is carried out.

Is the Leica 50mm Summilux an APO?

The Leica 50 mm Summilux-M ASPH f/1.4 from Leica is an aspherical lens, and according to lens designer Peter Karbe it’s even an APO lens. That means it’s corrected greatly for the color light rays, red, green and blue.

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What are the 3 types of lenses?

Three basic types of lenses: normal, telephoto and wide angle and their respective lens focal length. The normal lens is a standard lens for everyday use.

What is a Summicron lens?

The name Summicron is used by Leica to designate camera lenses that have a maximum aperture of f/2 after 1953 and to present day.

What does ASPH stand for Leica?

ASPH is an abbreviation of Aspherical Lens and is used by the manufacturer, Leica to denote lenses that contain an aspherical lens element.

What does the M mean in Leica?

Overview. The Leica M mount was introduced in 1954 at that year’s Photokina show, with the Leica M3 as its first camera. The ‘M’ stands for Messsucher or rangefinder in German. This new camera abandoned the M39 lens mount in favour of a new bayonet mount.

What is a dual range Summicron?

This lens has two focus ranges: the normal range (1 meter to infinity), and a special near-focusing range that runs from 0.88 meters down to 478 millimeters (0.478m) when one attaches the included near-focusing adapter.

Are Leica R lenses as good as Leica M lenses?

As Leica R lenses are SLR camera lenses they offer the big advantage of being able to focus closer than similar Leica M mount lenses. 0.5m minimum focus distance for the 50mm Summicron-R versus 0.7m for the 50mm Leica Summicron-M and 1m for a vintage Leica Summicron 50mm lens.